Benefits of Booking with a Certified Disney Travel Agent

Making it to The Most Magical Place on Earth can be a little stressful. Between piecing together the tiniest details and trying to figure out the various deadlines, planning the perfect Disney vacation is no easy task.

Ever try to blindly make a reservation at Cinderella's Royal Table, just to find out that they're the hardest reservations to get, and need to be snagged at least six months in advance?

A certified Disney Travel Agent would have known that.

How They're Certified

Certified Disney Travel Agents are the real deal, and having one on your side will not only relieve tons of pressure from attempting to understand the ins and outs of Disney on your own, but they're also some of the most knowledgeable agents in the world when it comes to their specialty—and that's because of the College of Disney Knowledge.

An intense program only available to current travel agents, the College of Disney Knowledge (CDK) takes students through every aspect of ensuring their client's vacation is a resounding success.

Agents enrolled in the CDK are passionate about Disney and eager to learn more about the brand. They take advanced courses and recertify each year.

Certified Disney Travel Agents learn everything from hotels to resorts to the Disney cruises, dining, rides, parks, and much, much more!

Why a Certified Disney Travel Agent Will Benefit You

Sure, some seasoned park-goers will know how to book their vacations, but for those looking to take their first trip, or even just have a more organized experience, using a certified agent will make all the difference.

Personalized Service

If you book your Disney vacation on your own, you'll be talking to a different person each time you call to discuss specific aspects of your trip.

The opposite happens when you book with a Disney agent. You'll have one individual on your side, and they're the one calling up Disney on your behalf. You'll never have to spend hours on hold waiting for the next Cast Member, and instead, you'll have someone who knows your wishes intimately and can help build you and your family your dream Disney vacation.

Intimate Knowledge of Parks & Packages

Graduating from the CDK has left your agent in the perfect position to relay all kinds of park and package information to you. Disney sends certified agents the most updated refurbishment and closings lists, so they'll know any attractions or resorts that may not be available at the time of your vacation.

Dining Reservations

There are so many different factors that go into dining reservations. First off, if you're looking for character experiences, those restaurants open for reservations 180 days in advance—that means seven months of advanced planning is the average for a park-goer.

You'll also want to know the various dining plans, credits, refurbishment lists—all things your agent will be able to help you with, whether that means simply giving you ex