How to Get Through Airport Security Like a Pro

Hassles when going through airport security can add unnecessary stress to the start of any trip.

We’ve been pulled aside for extra screening and bag checks more times than I can count. Not to mention, the number of times we’ve quickly thrown watches and wallets into a bag only to panic thinking we left or lost them at the security checkpoint.

This was me on our way to Thailand. After being up for a gazillion hours, we were quickly rushed through security on an international airport layover. To minimize individual items in our bin, I told my husband Darryl to just throw his wallet in my bag.

When we got on the plane, it was nowhere to be found. Panic struck. While waiting for our taxi in Thailand, I again looked for the wallet but could not find it. Yes, my heart was racing as I anticipated sharing the news of the missing wallet. Upon arrival at our hotel, I removed EVERYTHING, and I mean EVERYTHING from my bag. And, hallelujah!!! There it was at the very bottom tucked between two items!

To this day, I remember the internal panic thinking I had lost Darryl's wallet. Whew! Lesson learned…rushing and not planning never helps when traveling.

Here are a few simple tips to get through airport security quickly and as efficiently as possible without any lost item mishaps.

1. Plan ahead

Planning ahead will help relieve unnecessary stress and assist in getting through airport security like a pro. Prior to leaving the house, place jewelry, watches, coins, etc. into a small bag. This will decrease time by removing individual items from pockets at the security checkpoint. This also keeps smaller items in one secure place, reducing the chance of losing, forgetting, or misplacing them at the security checkpoint.

This bag can be easily stored in an outside pocket of carry-on luggage, backpack, or purse, and items can be quickly retrieved after passing through airport security.

2. MyTSA App

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has a MyTSA app that has three helpful features that can assist travelers in getting through airport security quickly.

Security Checkpoint Wait Times

When near the airport, the MyTSA app notifies travelers of the current security checkp