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There are a few pieces of clothing that seem to find their way into my suitcase no matter where I’m going. And surprise, surprise – these same items always make it into my outfit rotation during the trip.

Once I started noticing this pattern, I just started to make these pieces the first things I pack whenever I’m headed somewhere.

I think they all work so well because they’re low maintenance, super versatile, don’t take up much space, and are easily replaceable if something were to happen to them. So here you have it – the clothes to pack for every trip:


Years ago I found the perfect black t-shirt on sale at Gap for $5. It has to be one of the best clothing investments I’ve ever made because I wear it ALL THE TIME and it always comes with me on the road.

This shirt has saved me so many times when I’ve needed something extra: I can dress it up with jewelry and black jeans or I can wear it for lounging around or working out. It’s so comfortable but the fitted silhouette makes it look polished. There really is no place this shirt CAN’T go. Win.


My button-up chambray shirt is another clothing staple that always comes along for the ride. It’s played a variety of roles including beach cover-up, a layer over a sundress, a layer UNDER a dress, part of a casual outfit and even tucked into a pencil skirt for work.


My long yoga pants are pretty much the first thing that gets packed because I truly won’t go anywhere without them. I will wear them when lounging around the hotel, working out or taking a morning walk, during a red-eye or international flight, or when I need something to double as pajamas. These are the pants I have.


Even in the crazy heat of summer, on a trip where I am only bringing open-toed shoes,I will always pack a pair of socks – and usually in my handbag so that they’re close to me during a flight. Why? Welp, I am one of those people who is almost always cold. Especially my feet, with feet being an extremity and all.

And planes are generally ridiculously hot or freezing cold. In the latter case, I’ll slip on my socks to keep me toasty and comfortable. Hotel rooms are also notoriously cold, so I am always glad I have at least one pair of socks with me so my feet don’t freeze. Please tell me I am not the only one who does this?


I realize that this is not groundbreaking, but I always have a scarf with me when I’m traveling. Keeps me cozy on those freezing cold planes, doubles as a pillow or blanket and is an easy way to make an outfit look totally different. What more could a girl ask for?

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